Villapark Anzelhoef
Villapark Anzelhoef

Sint Maartenszee

The best hidden piece of beach in the Netherlands

Sint Maartenszee has the best hidden beach in North Holland. And that is precisely why this is perhaps the nicest family beach in the Netherlands. Here the atmosphere is still rustic and friendly. Children have plenty of room to play and splash about on this beautiful, child-friendly stretch of coast. And you? You will relax completely during your wonderful getaway on the North Sea coast.

Sint Maartenszee

No mass tourism

We don't do mass tourism in Sint Maartenszee. No long traffic jams in the blazing sun, no trendy beach bars with loud music or your neighbor with his feet on your towel.
What do we offer? Rest, space, rest and rest. Your children and grandchildren will have more than enough space to play frisbee, play beachball or build a sandcastle with a moat on this family beach.
It is very nice here for small children: there is a separate children's pool, where they can enjoy themselves for hours. Because even on the hottest days of the year it is never really busy here. A delight for the whole family! It is not surprising that many holidaymakers return year after year to a holiday home at this beach in North Holland.

One of the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands

The Blue Flag. The beach of Sint Maartenszee has been allowed to fly the blue flag for years. That is a very exclusive eco-label that we are extremely proud of. The blue flag means that the bathing water is guaranteed to be clean and safe and that the beach is extremely clean. The pavilion owners therefore do everything they can to maintain the label in the summer: the beach is tidied and cleaned daily. But not only the beach is clean. The air is also very clean and clear. If you come from the Randstad, you will notice this immediately upon arrival. Even during a heat wave, the salty and clean air is still pleasantly fresh here.

It's always beach weather on this family beach

The weather is always good to go to the beach. Whether it's raining, freezing or windy, it's never boring here. The beach of Sint Maartenszee shows itself from a different side every day. Feel like crawling behind the window of one of the beach pavilions with a cup of warm chocolate, enjoying the rolling waves? Are you taking a long walk? Or do you enjoy the sun breaking through with the dunes behind you? You feel the wind in your hair and taste the salt on your lips. Stress? What is that? Overbooked calendars disappear completely into the background here and you will feel revitalized, whatever the weather looks like.

Most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands

Still, for most visitors, the coast is best when the sun is shining… In that regard, this beach is the right place for you!

Did you know that the coastal strip of North Holland between Den Helder and Sint Maartenszee has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands? In the north of North Holland there is on average less rain and the sun shines more often than in other parts of the Netherlands.
We see it often enough in the summer: clouds that linger in other parts of the country simply dissolve here!

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