Villapark Anzelhoef
  Vakantievilla met sauna

Holiday villa with sauna

Holiday villa on the coast

Your luxury holiday villa by the sea, for 6 people, with privateé sauna, whirlpool, 4 bedrooms and a double bathroom can be found in Sint Maartenszee. The spacious thatched wellness villa is located in the rustic, small-scale holiday park Villapark Anzelhoef.

Enjoy your own sauna

After a long walk on the beach, step into your own sauna! Not only does your body relax and refresh, but the mind also comes to rest. This is a relaxing holiday as it is meant to be! Relax in peace and privacy.

The sauna is equipped with 5 shortwave IR lamps and LED lighting. The infrared radiators of the sauna have a particularly beneficial effect on muscles and joints and ensure an intense blood flow to the skin and muscles. The consequence? Flexible muscles, healthy skin and a wonderfully relaxed feeling. In fact: after a few times in the sauna, your metabolism and your entire resistance improve. The sauna also has a good influence on eczema and other skin conditions.

Your recreation villa with thatched roof is particularly comfortable due to its design. From the large and cozy living room with open kitchen to the parking space for your car: everything is right in your villa. There is enough space for everyone! You can easily step outside into the large, green garden. This is in a wonderfully green location, with many trees and hedges, so you have a lot of privacy.

Enjoy your wellness holiday villa all year round

The dunes and the sea are also beautiful in autumn and winter. How nice is it to relax in your own sauna after a long walk? The central heating with extra underfloor heating as additional heating makes the holiday villa Sint Maartenszee also on colder days into a wonderful vacation spot. In the summer, the thatched roof keeps the holiday home nice and cool.

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